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Who Should Attend
Everyone involved in manufacturing will benefit from experiencing the vast array of technologies hosted by ET Manufacturing Summit.
  • Senior Executives building a business
  • Key Decision makers (CEO/CIO/CTO/CFO/Director of Manufacturing) involved in manufacturing equipment purchases
  • Chief Engineers who identify equipment needs
  • Plant Superintendent who will set it up
  • Senior Operators who use the equipment and know it better than anyone else
  • All staff members and suppliers you count on for new ideas
Key Industry Covered
Consumer Durable
Benefits of Attending
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS that offer insights into the major issues facing the industry at the moment. Streamed in-depth presentations providing you with the most choice possible across all manufacturing disciplines.
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL discussions where you will see honest and open discussions on the major challenges facing the industry including lively debate and interaction with your manufacturing peers.
  • REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES from experts detailing practical advice and best practice for all.
  • HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS with interactive participation, specialist advice and Q&A sessions.
Delegate Registration
To register as delegate please contact: delegate@et-manufacturing.com
Partnership Opportunities
For Partnership Opportunities Please e-Mail to: partnership@et-manufacturing.com
Conference Delegation
For Delegates Please e-Mail to: delegate@et-manufacturing.com
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