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www.SMEJOINUP.com INDIA’S LARGEST SERVICES NETWORK, is an ECO-SYSTEM to make quality services accessible to SMEs and start-ups, with a mission to ENABLE and EQUIP them.

So far SME JOINUP has three networks which SMEs can benefit from :

A. SERVICES NETWORK SMEs can find quality and relevant Vendors / Service providers (Free service)

SME JOINUP has a large empanelled network of pre screened quality service providers/ vendors, who can match the SMEs requirements and budget, are mapped by their location and value proposition and are trustworthy. SMEs can fill a simple service request form (http://www.smejoinup.com/request-for-a-service/) and get connected to suitable vendors in technology, digital marketing, branding, PR, email marketing, recruitment, training, legal, strategy consulting, market research, etc. over 200 services.

B. FUNDING NETWORK : Access Debt and equity funding

The funding network is an ECO-system for SMEs can get ACCESSIBILITY to a large network of Investors, Institutions, Banks, Intermediaries, Co-founders/mentors, Incubation and Financial Services. SME JOINUP has created various packages an entrepreneur can choose from to make decision making relevant and fast. (A simple funding request form at www.smejoinup.com/funding-request/ will set the ball rolling)

C. ENTERPRISE (B2B) MARKETING NETWORK : Marketing and Visibility Packages

Those who target SMEs and start-ups as their customer segment can access this network of 20,000+ SMEs from SME JOINUP network through various packages they offer on marketing and visibility. To know more visit smejoinup.com/market
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