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“We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act, but a HABIT”
- Aristotle

In a globally competitive market today, there is very little room for mistakes or missed chances. Therefore, organizations across industries are under constant watch to re-examine how efficiently the current operations are being run by organizations through optimizing the use of available resources including manpower, space, effort, time and equipment.

Operational Excellence is a term which cannot be easily described and holds different meaning for different people. It is a philosophy of an organization that is in a state of alignment, continuously working to achieve improvements in quality, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and delivery of customer value. Operational excellence initiatives in the industry are usually based on the popular management philosophies of continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. These processes, which were the foundation of the operational excellence, primarily came into being because organizations felt the need to constantly re-invent themselves while maintaining rigorous standards of quality and on time delivery.

Businesses in India today face the pressures of an unpredictable economy, intense competition and rising energy & raw material expenses. Improving operational excellence is, thus, extremely important not only for profit creation but also for a long term and sustainable success.

The challenge is that despite many processes already created in order to drive excellence, we haven’t made enough breakthroughs. The future of operational excellence is not in terms such as standardization, effectiveness and outputs. The future will rather lie in concepts such as innovation, customization and competence.

The Economic Times Operational Excellence Master Class Summit 2016

Recognizing the importance of Indian businesses rising up to the standards of their global counterparts, The Economic Times is organising the Operational Excellence Master Class. Our intensive research and feedback from the stake holders have helped us design this summit. This Master Class will focus on eliminating inadequacies, managing operations and creating a sustainable atmosphere of operational excellence. The two day summit will comprise presentations, case studies, panel discussions and workshops.
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