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Optimizing a company’s manufacturing output is a tedious and a time consuming task which requires huge amount of real time analysis of the production floor. This task is being efficiently carried out by Covacsis Technologies.

Covacsis Technologies is a young, exiting and pioneering technology company that specializes in disruptive innovation. Founded by Mr. Tarun Mishra and Mr. Abhijeet Mhatre in 2009, with a single minded focus on “Value Creation” for its customers, Covacsis Technologies as a new generation technology solution company, has designed and developed Intelligent Plant Framework™ (IPF) solution which enables the production floor to make the leap and create value of next order by improving its cost, quality and productivity. Covacsis’ IPF is a one of a kind product which provides vivid diagnostics input to production department to improve upon. With solutions already offered to companies like Godrej, Cipla, IPCA Labs, Raymonds etc., Covacsis Technologies is growing leaps and bounds towards providing operational excellence to manufacturing organizations.
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